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S.A.M. – Study Administration Management
is the new digital campus management system at the HWR Berlin for students and lecturers.

Information: Students who are newly enroled for the winter semester 2022/23 receive gradually access to the new S.A.M. Web Portal.

  • New enroled students from Departement 3 to 5 as well as from BPS Lichtenberg have received access since 7th of September 2022.
  • New enroled students from Departement 1 and from BPS Schöneberg have received access since 12th of September 2022. 
  • Just recently enrolled? Then your access to the S.A.M. will not be possible immediately, due to an internal data transfer, which takes plase at intervals. Please try again later. 
Information FB1 course selection: Students facing technical probems to login and need to select courses until 22nd Sep. can contact for support on course selection. 

FAQs, manuals, and further support materials about the new S.A.M. system can be found on the S.A.M. Knowledge Base, the central help site.

If you cannot answer your questions via the help site, we will be happy to help you via e-mail: